(prices per term)

1 x 55´ class per week 120 €
1 x 85´ class per week 165 €
2 x 55´ classes per week (midday) 210 €

Guaranteed a minimum of 10 or 20 classes per term

Prices valid from 01/09/21

For any other classes, please ask at reception

TERM DATES - 2021/22

1st term (2021/22) 1st October - 23rd December
2nd term (2021/22) 10th January - 1st April
3rd term (2021/22) 4th April - 24th June

1:1 / 1:2


(prices monthly - classes are not recuperated)

    1 student 2 students
(per student)
1 x 55´ class per week 100 € 65 €
1 x 85´ class per week 145 € 95 €
2 x 55´ classes per week 185 € 120 €

Guaranteed a minimum of 12 or 24 classes per term


(cancellable with 5 hours notice)

10 classes (55´) 290 €
20 classes (55´) 550 €

Prices valid from 01/09/21

For any other classes, please ask at reception

Terms & Conditions

Please find below our Terms and Conditions - please read them carefully before enrolling at MANCHESTER ENGLISH.

  • 1. Books are not included in the price of the classes.
  • 2. There is a one-off registration fee per student (35€). All payments must be made in advance and no refunds will be given.
  • 3. Payments are not deferrable in the event of non-attendance of a student, unless arranged previously with the Management.
  • 4. Group classes falling on public holidays will not be recuperated and there will be no reduction in tariffs during the holiday periods of Christmas and Easter. Private (1:1/1:2) classes will receive a guaranteed number of classes each term. If the number of classes falls below this because of school holidays, not including public holidays, we will recuperate classes up to the guaranteed number.
  • 5. In the event of a teacher being ill and unable to teach (and MANCHESTER ENGLISH being unable to provide a substitute teacher) the class will be cancelled. Students will be notified as soon as possible. The classes will be rearranged and recuperated whenever possible.
  • 6. The Management reserve the right to cancel or merge classes and to transfer a student from one class to another. A group lesson will be terminated if no student has arrived within half an hour of the previously agreed start time.
  • 7. The student accepts the commitment to cooperate in the smooth running of the school, arriving for class punctually, respecting the rule of not using Spanish during lessons, and completing any homework set by the teacher outside of the classroom.
  • 8. Any comments, requests to change timetables, observations or complaints should be addressed to the Secretary and not the teacher.
  • 9. By enrolling and registering at MANCHESTER ENGLISH, the student accepts and will comply with these terms and conditions.
  • 10. If bank charges are incurred for return of a direct debit payment MANCHESTER ENGLISH may ask for reimbursement of these charges.